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Recently, I was taken over by the overwhelming need to find out how I can be my own landlord! And the research was very fruitful! There were some very shrewd but straightforward ways to attain this. And I am so glad to found these out, that I know these should be out for all to read. So, here are some of those great ideas! 


You will need to first straighten up your saving methods if you are to get any closer to owning your own place. You need to first save before spending. You’d be surprised to find out how possible it is to save by simply using this trick of saving up before spending and trying to manage from what remains. If you are able to acquire a sum large enough for a down payment then you can without financing the entire thing through your pocket look for a lease. 

Level up 

The trick to have a good house in a prime location is no shortcut. You can use one of the most cunning methods used by some shrewd thinkers. You should first buy a house that is affordable to you. And then maybe after a year or so sell it off for a higher price and put in more money and buy a better place. That way you will be able to level up each time to a better place. Overseas property investment personnel’s are also known to use this method of leveling up with their properties.  

 Partner up 

Another superb idea is to partner with one or more persons when acquiring a home or land. When you partner up with others and buy a large piece of land from a single owner, you will be able to negotiate the price better. And you will definitely be saving up a lot. And trust me there will be a huge difference in terms of money. Try to get together with another three or persons when buying as you will get a very good price! You may also look into mortgage services that have been offered for such paired up buying. 


Speculate! Speculate! And speculate as much as possible! If you want to be in a prime location with all the facilities in your home, then you need to be a successful speculator. You need to find out which lands are worth your money. Make sure to choose that of which will increase in value and will prove to be a profitable deal! There may be times when your speculation goes wrong, so don’t be disheartened because you never know when it will be your good luck knocking on your door. 

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