Moving overseas for studies or work is fairly common now-a-days. Thanks to modern communication methods, we hardly feel like we are separated from our loved ones. But all adventures have its expiry dates, and your stint overseas too cannot last forever. Here are a few tips on how to move back home, after your period of living overseas… buy shipping containers perth

Dealing with your things  

Take time out to properly deal with your belongings. Separate them into piles of keeping, giving away or donating, throwing out and selling off. Things like books can accumulate in great amounts, if you were overseas with the goal of studying. As most of it has definitely cost you a great deal, leaving it behind or donating it can feel like a waste; so find the best way to ship it home. likewise, expensive clothing, collector’s items, comfy furniture that you know you’d regret leaving behind and other things that are high in sentimental value (if nothing else) need to be dealt with with care, so you do not regret it later on.  

The art of packing for a rough journey home  

Once you have categorized your belongings, think of the safest and best way for you to get them home. things like jewelry is better carried with you. If you are planning on shipping your belongings, remember to  buy shipping containers Sydney with care; the size of it is important. Remember add additional layers of waterproofing and padding for your books, electronics and other items that need to be handled with care. Label them carefully; so those handling it know it’s fragile. Remember to do a thorough cleaning of both your fridge and microwave before packing it; you’d be surprised at how often people ship their leftover food…! 

The paperwork and the telephone work 

If you’ve been living in this home for over a year, then chances are that you’ve already, unknowingly, put down permanent roots here. For example, if you’re used to shopping online, then you might have to remember to change the account address in it once you’ve planning on moving back home. Likewise, if you’ve opened a bank account in your home away from home, you must also remember to settle and close said accounts to avoid complications. Take your time to sort through all these paper and telephone work so you will not have to fly back in to deal with it. 

The health issues and the familiar medicines  

If it has been years since you lived in your own land, then chances are that things have changed a little in it. While most of it can be dealt with and adjusted to, your health is not something you should compromise. Remember to find out if you (or your children) need to take any (mandatory) vaccinations before moving back home. Apart from this, it’s also a good idea to stock up on your medications if it is not available in your locality back home, or if it is more expensive to buy it there.


Before every marriage comes the engagement part where in cultural weddings the families get to meet. But sometimes they might have known since the time the kids started dating. But this is something in another level because now they have made a bigger decision to make it official and announce it to the world that they will soon get married. But just because you want to have a grand big day party doesn’t mean you should totally ignore your engagement. For example, you can plan it out well by googling itself. Because in many sites like and other websites who offer comfy stay, they help you with doing the initial setup and the final touching. This way you can make your dream engagement happen without doubt. Hence this is why you should go to a reputed place who already has done several functions like these. That way you can stay calm and confident about the perfection they can bring in on your engagement day. After all you want it to be memorable and you want to carry the memories you make there forever. whampoa luxury hotel venue

Ask For Proposal 

It is true that in every party the crucial part which stops us from deciding many things is the financial element. Because we end up making high plans without asking for a proper quotation and when they give their estimated value we get disappointed and stop the planning. Therefore if you have plans of keeping your engagement at a 5 star hotel Kowloon booking then request for a proposal. This can be done by physically visiting the place and having a chat with the reservation officer or you could write for them in their website.  If you do it early you will get an early reply if you keep delaying it, you will get a late reply and you need to keep that in mind. Sometimes even the reservations you make can be held only for a short period of time till you make the initial advance payment. If you fail to do so you might end up loosing the place as well. That’s why you would have heard your parents preaching in the top of their lungs to start everything early so you have ample time to sort out things. 

Theme Planning  

In some places they have only few themes they could do and the rest you need to bring your own workers and get it done. Therefore, when you do your sea view Whampoa hotel booking online ask them if they can do the theme you want. For example, if you want to have roses or tulips at your engagement ask them for a quotation or ask them to add the total to the proposal you requested. 

Now you know throwing a memorable engagement party is not that easy as you think!